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What our Clients and Students are Saying

Workshop graduates
Reiki Treatment
Reiki students


Sharyn is a wonderful healer. Not only is she very giving and considerate,

she is also great at what she does.  She has many skills and helps me feel good

physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  During a session she heals my 

energetic system, by releasing anything that no longer serves me. 

I love Sharyn's Reiki Therapy sessions.  Why not give her a try?   K. A.,  Janesville, WI

I have been a Reiki Master for the past couple of years but took all three levels of

Reiki training again with Sharyn. I'm glad I did not only is she an excellent Reiki Teacher

but she has become a good friend as well. I encourage anyone interested in

learning Reiki to attend one of her "Shares" ... You will be hooked on Reiki! B.G, Rockton, IL


​Sharyn's methods of teaching are perfect with visuals, tactiles, practices, pictures, music.   
All these different methodologies combines to equal a finely tuned quality experience
guaranteed to get everyone's attention and appealing to every student's style of learning.  I
am humbly grateful for this experience.  C.G. Delevan, WI

This was a powerful & profound experience.  Thank you for all you give to help us!  The
feedback from you and the participants was also invaluable.  The pacing of information and
activities was excellent; not rushed but not slow either :-)  Loved working with the crystals  
and pendulums.  Thank you for the gifts and riches of information!   S.S. Rockford, IL

The Reiki classes have been transformational for me! I thank you for sharing your "gift" and
                                         "passion" with myself and others....  You are a wonderful instructor.                                                 

Your sister would be very proud!    E. B., Poplar Grove, IL

The vibes at St. Chad's are WONDERFUL about the Reiki training.  Thank you!
J.C., Loves Park, IL

The whole experience has been fabulous!  The handouts, the pace, the power points, the
review and most especially the energy from Sharyn.  Excellent setting, music, vibe and
instruction.  It has been better and more intimate than anything I had expected.  Thank
you!      E.D. Chicago, IL

I have taken Reiki level I&II, advanced Reiki and master Reiki classes from Sharyn.
Additionally, I have received Munay-Ki rites and attended a soul retrieval class with her.
Sharyn is a seasoned professional who is gifted among energy healers. She has integrity,
focus, compassion, skill, versatility, personality, a wicked sense of humor and teaches
information in a multi modal, well-organized and thorough way. Sharyn offers training in a
comfortable, wooded, retreat-like setting at her home and includes meals, refreshments,
handouts and resources to further your learning beyond the classroom. Sharyn also mentors
her students beyond the training and hosts monthly Reiki exchanges that are free of charge;
these exchanges are a wonderful gift in that giving and receiving Reiki with so many    
wonderful, aware and open individuals is priceless! Although Sharyn is my teacher and
mentor, I consider her to be my friend as well and appreciate her presence in our community
and in my life.  M. M. Sun Prairie, WI

Sharyn is a very detailed instructor who uses teaching methods that are clear and easy to
understand. Her presentation is outstanding and the she always allows plenty of time for
practice and group interaction. I have been a Reiki Master for the past couple of years but
took all three levels of Reiki training again with Sharyn. I'm glad I did not only is she an
excellent Reiki Teacher but she has become a good friend as well. I encourage anyone
interested in learning Reiki to attend one of her "Shares" ... You will be hooked on Reiki!
B.G, Rockton, IL

Sharyn is a wonderful healer, not only is she very giving and considerate she is great at what
she offers. She has many skills and helps many people feel good, release issues, see insights
etc. She works with her husband sometimes as well and they are a great team together. They
both walk their talk.   M.S., Beloit, WI

Sharyn has a tremendous amount of knowledge in her field and shares it willingly. Being an
Energy Worker she is creative and intuitive, always ready to help in any way she can. Her
outgoing manner makes her very easy to relate to and there is an aura of hospitality
surrounding her. She values everyone's thoughts and experiences, intervening only when
appropriate.  P.O., Beloit, WI

I attended Reiki I and II classes with Sharyn. She made me feel very welcomed upon arrival.
She was very knowledgeable about the subject and not only took the time to teach it, but
taught the history behind it. That was very helpful. She took time to spend one on one time
with each student. She was also available for follow up if needed. If you are looking to learn
more about Reiki or any healing or spiritual work I would highly recommend Sharyn. She
works wonders.  K.B., Loves Park, IL

Sharyn is wonderfully professional while making you feel welcome. She is one of the most
inspiring teachers I have ever worked with. Not only is she very knowledge with her Reiki  
work and healing she shares this information to inspire you to be your best and to help
others. I feel very blessed to know her as a professional, a teacher and a friend. Believe me I
have never found anyone better and would highly recommend her to anyone on the path of
enlightenment.  J.L., Oregon, IL

The class was absolutely fantastic!  I loved it so much, and I have been really impressed with
the symbols and everything else I learned.  B.C., Roscoe, IL

You have a gift that needs to be shared.  Thank you so much for the time you spent with my
mom yesterday.  The pain from her Fibromyalgia has diminished dramatically.  Now we are
planning to take Reiki I and II classes with you so we can do the treatments on her
ourselves!      P.K.  Beloit, WI

How fortunate we were to have found such a wonderful, compassionate healer in our area.  
Your energy is very gentle but works in many powerful ways.  We look forward to future
sessions with you.     Love, Z.S.B.  Harvard, IL

The Reiki exchange meeting was a great experience for me and made a difference in my life.   
I'm so glad to have met you.  I could feel your healing energy.  It's great just to be around
you.   Thanks for inviting me.  I'm looking forward to seeing at the next meeting.  
S.T., Loves Park, IL

I simply can't believe the difference I feel now that I have experienced the Reiki energy for
myself. The stresses I spoke to you about have simply melted away.  Reiki is truly amazing.  I
can’t wait to take the Reiki classes with you!    J .M., Davis, IL

Your willingness to assist my mother's passing was a blessing.  Before you arrived she was
very restless and agitated.  After sitting with her for only a few minutes, she became calm.  
You allowed her to pass quietly and with dignity.  Our whole family thanks you!                         
Haley,  Dekalb, IL

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