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Reiki Workshops and Classes

Please  contact us if you would like additional information about a specific workshop or a list of class dates and times.  Thanks!



Reiki level I and II is an entry level workshop to teach you the basics of Reiki.

Reiki Level I and II

Learn all about Reiki and practice using it on yourself and others. The workshop covers distance healing, and how to send Reiki across time and over distance. Discover how to help yourself, others and the world during day one of the workshop. Topics that are covered include: The History of Reiki How Reiki Heals What is an Attunement Reiki Hand Positions Reiki Treatments for Self and Others Techniques to Increase Your Reiki How to Give and Receive Reiki Treatments Reiki I Attunement Day two of the workshop allows you to expand on the conepts and techniques of your Reiki I knowledge to enhance your ability and utilize the energy of Reiki. Topics that are covered inlude: Introduction to Reiki symbols How to use Reiki Symbols Reiki for Specific Conditions Reiki for Healing Unwanted Habits Distant Healing with Reiki Healing the Past and Future with Reiki Reiki Scanning and Beaming Reiki Sharing with One Another Reiki II Attunement Class manual Certificate The class combines lecture, discussion, attunements (initiations), meditations and experiential practice in a well organized but relaxed program. This class is helpful for professionals such as nurses, massage therapists, physicians or "regular people" who wish to use Reiki for spiritual growth or to help family, friends and for the student's self-healing. Fee for Attending: $ 300.00

Learn how to use Crystals in your Reiki practice

Introduction to Crystals

Unlock the potential of healing with crystals through our Working with Crystals Workshop. Crystals can be used to heal emotional, physical and mental imbalances. You will learn how crystals work and how to use them for your own healing and growth. We offer an extensive range of crystals to choose from and teach you how to intuitively select the best crystals for your needs. Our workshop is the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge and experience working with crystals. Fee for Attending: $125.00

Learn how to work with your Spirit Guides

Working with your Spirit Guides

Now that you have Discovered your Spirit Guides, it's time to take the next step and learn how to work with these wonderful beings! The power of working with your Spirit and Reiki Guides is undeniable. At this Reiki Workshop, you'll learn how to connect with these forces and tap into your own unique abilities to promote wellness and balance in your life. With the guidance of our expert instructors, you'll discover new ways to harness your inner strengths and achieve your goals. Fee for Attending: $ 250.00

Learn how to Heal your Past with Reiki and have a happpier life.

Healing YOUR Past with Reiki

Unlock the secrets of your past and see the potential of your future with our Past Life Regression workshop. At Stateline Reiki, we believe in the transformative power of healing the past to create a brighter future. Our workshop is designed to take you on a guided journey through your past lives and help you identify patterns and blockages that may be impacting your present life. Join us for this transformative experience and unlock the true potential within you! Fee for Attending: $175.00

Learn techniques for Pet and Animal Reiki

Pet and Animal Reiki

Our Animal and Pet Reiki Workshop is designed to teach you the techniques needed to harness the healing powers of Reiki for your furry friends. Our experienced teachers will guide you through human Reiki techniques that can be adapted for animal use. With this workshop under your belt, you'll be better equipped to provide your pets and animals with the care and healing they need. Fee for Attending: $ 150.00

 Have your Children learn Reiki and how to use it on everyone.

Kidz 'N Reiki

Introduce your children to the world of energy healing with our Children’s Reiki workshop. Our experienced practitioners offer a nurturing environment which teaches children the basics of Reiki. Our workshop instills the importance of mindfulness and meditation for children, our future generation. Your young ones will develop confidence, compassion, and mindfulness whilst learning the healing power of Reiki. Reiki is not just for adults, it's for everyone! Sign up your child for one of our Workshops today! Fee for Attending: $ 100.00

Learn and incorporate Reiki Drumming into your Reiki practice

Reiki Drumming

Join us for our Reiki Drumming Workshop and learn how to incorporate this powerful technique into your Reiki practice. Utilizing the power of drumming, you will gain tools to deepen relaxation and promote healing in your Reiki sessions. With hands-on and experiential learning, you will receive in-depth exploration of this technique and strategies for integrating it into your practice with confidence. Fee for Attending: $ 400.00 (bring your own drum)

Learn Advanced Reiki Techniques in this ART/Master Workshop.


Explore Reiki concepts in depth. Learn how to perform attunements and teach Reiki. The ART/Master training combines both Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and the complete Usui/Tibetan Master training. The workshop is taught as one 3 day class, usually over a 3 day weekend. Class times are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. To qualify to take this class, a student must: Have taken Reiki I&II. Practiced Reiki II for at least 6 months. Able to draw the 3 Reiki II symbols from memory. The Advanced Reiki Training (ART) includes: The Usui Master attunement. Practice using the Usui master symbol for treatments. Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind and expands consciousness. Advanced techniques for using Reiki to solve problems and achieve goals. The use of crystals and stones with Reiki. How to make a Reiki grid. Introduction to your Reiki guides via meditation technique. Reiki Master includes: The complete Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master attunement. Instruction on how to give Reiki attunements for Reiki I&II, ART and full Reiki Master. The Healing attunement. The Usui system of attunements.. Tibetan Master Symbols Lots of practice time doing attunements. How to give yourself attunements. Advanced Reiki meditation. Class manual. Certificate Instruction is given on the Usui/Tibetan system of attunements as well as the Usui system. Other variations are also outlined in the class manual. Over half the class time is used for practice so the student becomes confident in administering Reiki attunements. Students practice giving attunements on each other so that each student receives many attunements. The Healing attunement and Aura Clearing (psychic surgery) is given and received by all students. This class is a powerful healing experience. While the content of the class will allow anyone to pass the ability to do Reiki on to others and to teach if one chooses, many take the class for their own use or to use with family and friends. This class is a deeply healing experience. Fee for Attending: $ 800.00

Learn about Essential Oils and How to use them

Demystifying Essential Oils

Our Healing with Essential Oils workshop will teach you how to effectively integrate essential oils into your Reiki practice for a deeper healing experience. You will gain knowledge on the benefits of different oils and how to use them to address specific needs. Our experienced instructors will teach you proper usage and safety measures when incorporating oils into a session. Take your Reiki practice to the next level and register now. Fee for Attending:

Learn who your Spirit and Reiki Guides are and How to contact them

Discovering YOUR Reiki Guides

Join our Discovering your Reiki and Spirit Guides workshop and unleash your full potential. Our unique exercises utilize your five senses and your own natural abilities to help you connect with your guides and enhance your Reiki practice. This workshop is perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Don't miss out, book your spot now. Fee for Attending: $ 150.00

Learn all about Negative energy and how to remove it from yourself and your clients.

Energy Protection

At our Energy Protection workshop, you'll learn essential techniques to protect yourself from unwanted energies and attachments. This is an important skill for anyone working in the healing professions or with groups. With the help of experienced Reiki practitioners, you'll leave the workshop feeling more balanced, energized and ready to face any challenge. Register now and experience the power of energy protection for yourself. Register now and experience the power of energy protection for yourself! Fee for Attending: $ 150.00

Learn Karuna Reiki.  Help your clients clear their mental and emotional issues.

Karuna Reiki Workshop

Are you interested in taking your Reiki practice to the next level? Our Karuna Reiki workshop covers advanced techniques to help practitioners address the complex areas of mental and emotional health. This transformative course is ideal for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of Reiki principles and techniques, as well as exploring innovative approaches to healing. As an experienced practitioner, this workshop offers a valuable opportunity to continue your spiritual growth and learn amazing techniques which can help others immensely. Fee for Attending: $ 800.00

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